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It’s a well-known fact that Italian leather – particularly the full-grain, vegetable tanned leather we use here at Maxwell Scott Bags – is easier to care for and much more durable than many other sorts of leather.


Our leather requires relatively little care. There is no need for frequent cleaning, and scratches or marks from daily wear and tear can be rubbed or polished out with ease.



You don’t need any special products to keep your leather looking good – just dip a clean cloth in a simple soap and water solution and gently clean the surface of your bag.



Remove oil and grease stains with ordinary chalk. Crush the chalk and rub the dust very carefully on the stain. Put your bag to one side for 24 hours to allow the chalk to take effect.



We wholeheartedly recommend Skidmore’s leather cream. Although there are many other excellent leather care products on the market, this is by far our favourite.



Please don’t use chemical products to clean your bag. Chemical cleaners and conditioners can damage the surface of the leather, doing more harm than good.



Avoid getting your bag wet if possible, but if you get caught in the rain, don’t panic! Gently blot away any drops of water immediately and let the bag dry naturally away from a direct source of heat. Don’t place the bag next to a radiator or attempt to dry it with a hair dryer. To speed up the drying process, fill the bag with newspaper to absorb the moisture.



Keep your bag in a breathable cotton dust bag when it’s not in use.

Please note that these care guidelines are for cow leather. Different instructions may apply when dealing with others types of leather, like suede. That being said, these care tips don’t just apply to leather bags, but to any products made from cow leather, such as leather jackets or even sofas and chairs.

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