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Gift Wrapping Service

To add that exquisite final flourish to your Maxwell-Scott gift, our Gift Wrap service is available…

Our team of gift wrappers are ready to impeccably wrap your gift. Whether it is a gift for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, our gift wrap ensures that your Italian leather items will be perfectly presented for that special moment. It is, most certainly, the final step in creating those gifting memories which will be treasured for a lifetime.

With our Gift Wrap service, we provide wrapping with a classic style in order to mirror the traditionally handcrafted leather gift inside. This way, we make sure that the recipient understands the thought behind the entire process as their gift has been loving handmade in the heart of Italy by skilled artisans – a timeless piece from you to them.


To use this service, simply select the ‘Gift Wrap’ box before adding your desired gift to cart.


Our Gift Wrap team employs its years of experience to wrap your gift to perfection, time after time.

For our larger briefcases, handbags and luggage pieces we use a signature keepsake grey box, wrapping your gift in white monogrammed tissue paper and finishing this with a high-quality white ribbon tied in a bow.

On the other hand, smaller accessories are presented in a box and wrapped in silver metallic paper. This is then tied with white ribbon tied in a bow and sealed with a Maxwell-Scott monogrammed grey sticker. Together, this makes an innately smart gift.

Lastly, enclosed is a small gift card with space for you to write your own personal message. If the gift is being delivered directly to the recipient, we can include a small printed message on the gift card. In this instance, please contact us after placing your order.


(Unfortunately we are unable to provide gift wrapping services for the following items due to their size: The Piazzale, The Varese, The VareseW and The Rovello.)


The additional luxury touch to a gift is gift wrapping. Our service, therefore, is an extra AUD 12 per item added to your purchase price.

Simply select the ‘Add Gift Wrap’ box before you add to your cart.


Maxwell-Scott is founded on the workmanship of craftsmen. From our family-run factory in Italy to our British HQ, artisans have been foundational to us from the very beginning. Our Gift Wrap team are the final step in this process from leather tanner to your door.


Meet Our Head Wrapper – Emily


Emily leads our team of wrappers at our HQ to provide the very best service. She is devoted to ensuring that each gift that you purchase will be instantly memorable.


“I have always loved to increase how special a gift feels through impressive, and yet sleek, gift wrap – I know that this last touch of care and attention is always much appreciated.”

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