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Men’s Classics

“For me the focus for this collection was three-fold: I wanted pieces which maintained their classic style and in turn felt in line with Maxwell Scott. But most importantly each bag needed to work for the modern man.”

William Forshaw, Founder & CEO

Santino S

    Style & Practicality   When the task of reinventing our men’s classics first began there was a primary focus which remained at the core of the entire process. This was to maintain the style of each bag, whilst making alterations which meant that they became pieces to be worn everyday. Whether in the office or in a more casual setting, it was key that the bags were versatile and catered to the needs of the modern gentleman.   It is the craftsmanship of each bag however which we believe elevates them to revived classics. With each piece handcrafted by our Italian artisans, the precise skill that is involved in their creation means that they exude an enduring quality. The full grain cowhide leathers a testament to the workmanship that is involved in their production. It is known as ‘aniline leather’ due to the fact that there is no final pigment coat applied. This means that the leather is able to show its full depth of character. A natural material, each bag will develop a unique patina over time.

Handmade in Italy

  For the sartorialist, these bags offer the style of a classic Italian gentleman – refined and timeless. The collection includes some of our original favourites which have then been reinvented and improved. With this, they are pieces which will become firm essentials within your everyday wardrobe.   Classics, with a modern touch, they reflect our aim the champion British design and traditional Italian craftsmanship.

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