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The Capizzi

Iphone 4S Leather Case

AUD 37

Regular Price: AUD 121

The Sibilla

iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve

AUD 59

Regular Price: AUD 79

The Renato

iPhone 5 Leather Flip Case

AUD 100

Regular Price: AUD 130

The Sasso

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Phone Sleeve

AUD 65

Regular Price: AUD 89

The Gruppo 7/8

iPhone 7/8 Leather Phone Case

AUD 80.40

Stylish and functional, our leather phone cases will ensure your phone is protected from everyday scrapes and bumps whilst maintaining a smart and professional image. Each case is crafted to perfection by highly skilled craftsman using only the finest quality leather, meaning our cases are built to last!
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