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The Duno Large

Large Mens Leather Wash Bag

AUD 241

Regular Price: AUD 280

The Torrino

Leather Travel Wallet

AUD 167

The Atella

Leather Watch Case

AUD 292

The FleroL

Large Leather Luggage Bag

AUD 1,055

Regular Price: AUD 1,131

The Piazzale

Wheeled Leather Trolley Case

AUD 1,129

Regular Price: AUD 1,262

The Maurizio

Leather Suitcase for Men

AUD 944

Regular Price: AUD 1,314

The Raffaelle

Leather Wash Bag

AUD 224

The Tanta

Large Mens Leather Toiletry Bag

AUD 250

Regular Price: AUD 290

The Pratello

Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

AUD 407

Regular Price: AUD 456

The Duno Medium

Medium Leather Wash Bag

AUD 245

The Cascina

Luxury Toiletry Bag

AUD 463

Regular Price: AUD 531

The Giovane M

Medium Canvas Travel Holdall

AUD 885

The FleroS

Small Leather Holdall Bag

AUD 740

Regular Price: AUD 834

The Giovane L

Large Canvas Luggage Bag

AUD 937

The Farini

Leather Holdall Bag (Cabin)

AUD 888

Regular Price: AUD 973

The Fabrizio

Leather Travel Luggage

AUD 703

Regular Price: AUD 846

The Dino Medium

Medium Leather Holdall

AUD 1,244

The Dino Large

Wheeled Leather Duffle Bag

AUD 1,203

Regular Price: AUD 1,394

The Rovello

Leather Suit Carrier

AUD 1,573

Regular Price: AUD 1,748

The Gassano M

Medium Leather Gladstone Bag

AUD 1,110

Regular Price: AUD 1,190

The SantinoS

Leather Clutch / Wrist Bag

AUD 471

The Ledro

Leather Luggage Tag

AUD 94

The Shoulder Strap

Leather Luggage / Briefcase Strap

AUD 94

The Centolla

Leather Bum Bag

AUD 298

The Tivoli

Leather Travel Tie Case

AUD 250

The Varese

Leather Pilot Case

AUD 1,062

Regular Price: AUD 1,167

Travel in style with a timeless leather luggage bag that will be your travel companion for many years, if not for life. The quality of our travel range is second to none with each piece exquisitely handmade out of the finest quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather using traditional techniques. The beauty of our leather is that it ages gracefully and develops a unique patina with age and use, meaning our leather travel bags are a timeless investment.

Here at Maxwell Scott Bags, we have a broad range of leather travel goods. Whether you are going on a short weekend break, business trip or a 2-week getaway, we have something for all tastes and needs. When it comes to travel bags and accessories, Maxwell Scott Bags is your one-stop shop for a wide range of leather luxuries that you will cherish for life.

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