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The Pianella 2017

Leather Purse with Pocket

AUD 93

Regular Price: AUD 236

The Forino Croco 2017

Crocodile Womens Ziparound Purse

AUD 210

Regular Price: AUD 260

The LilianaS Croco - (Last Season)

AUD 315

Regular Price: AUD 777.60

The Vallata - (Last Season)

AUD 52

Regular Price: AUD 75.60

The Forino 2017

Leather Zip Around Purse

AUD 102

Regular Price: AUD 286

The Cetona 2017

Leather Purse for Women

AUD 111

Regular Price: AUD 221

The Palermo - (Last Season)

AUD 259

Regular Price: AUD 518.40

The Rosa - (Last Season)

AUD 278

Regular Price: AUD 561.60

The Mimi - (Last Season)

AUD 26

Regular Price: AUD 40.80

The Giorgia (Past Season)

Large Zip Around Leather Purse

AUD 130

Regular Price: AUD 344

The Ponticelli 2017

Italian Leather Purse

AUD 83

Regular Price: AUD 264

The Sabina - (Last Season)

Leather Purse with Clasp

AUD 83

Regular Price: AUD 158

The Fontanelle 2017

Small Leather Purse

AUD 65

Regular Price: AUD 133

The Marcialla 2017

Large Leather Ball Clasp Purse

AUD 107

Regular Price: AUD 300

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As all our leather creations are handcrafted in Italy, please be aware that stock levels may become scarce quickly. It is recommended that you choose your desired sale items hastily to avoid any disappointment.


Our sale is only live for a matter of weeks so order swiftly to secure your coveted sale items before they run out of stock.
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