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The Ponte

Leather Key Ring

AUD 59

The Nepi

Leather Key Ring

AUD 65

The Comano

A5 Leather Address Book

AUD 204

Regular Price: AUD 256

The Mozzano

Leather Padfolio Notebook

AUD 176

Regular Price: AUD 218

The Vinci

Leather Keys Holder

AUD 74

Regular Price: AUD 101

The Ilario

Leather Desk Tidy

AUD 93

Regular Price: AUD 121

The Felice

Leather Pencil Case

AUD 113

The Shoulder Strap

Leather Luggage / Briefcase Strap

AUD 94

The Sestino

Leather Golf Card Holder

AUD 107

The Rufeno

Leather Glasses Slim

AUD 82

The Pienza

Leather Pen Case / Holder

AUD 70

Regular Price: AUD 91

The Gabbro

Leather Glasses Case

AUD 99

The Lapo

Leather Key Wallet

AUD 80

Regular Price: AUD 100

Impeccable leather accessories crafted in the heart of Italy by highly skilled craftsman designed to fit your essentials. Choose from luxurious leather glasses cases, exquisite leather belts, quality pen cases and much more; the perfect gift for yourself, friend or loved one.
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